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Omega Seamaster “ETNZ” edition has unique color application. There are some blue and red elements for obvious designs. These two colors are the iconic colors of the New Zealand flag. The strong Omega Seamaster replica watches are driven by Cal. 8906, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The Swiss mechanical movements approved by METAS can resist magnetic fields and record regatta timing. The power reserve is about 60 hours.

The 45.5mm black ceramic cases are equipped with helium escape valves and unidirectional rotating bezels. Omega LiquidMetal™ has also been used on the minute track and “START”. The first 5-minute is blue and the second 5-minute is red. Their hour markers are white gold indexes with luminescent plating on the black dials.

And a GMT ring in red and blue is set to help wearers distinguish the day or night. Omega Seamaster copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have unique and showy color applications which make the whole timepieces look energetic and lively.

Omega fake watches with black rubber straps have a red EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND logo engraved on the black case backs. The timepieces have an excellent water-resistance which is rated at 60 bars. Lots of watch lovers are willing to buy one piece as a proper wrist watch. They are attractive to young customers.

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