Sun. May 26th, 2024

As far as watch lovers are concerned, you can’t do much better than the “Garden of Time” as a Met Gala 2024 dress code. Many took the theme literally with Barry Keoghan wearing not one, not two, but three incredible Swiss made Omega replica watches, including a ’30s pocket watch. Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons, meanwhile, sported a clock briefcase alongside a gem-set Patek Philippe.

That’s the good news! The would-be bad news is that typically these watches are obscured on the carpet by suit sleeves, extravagant coats, or simply photos with poor angles. But fret not, my friends: The best-dressed folks at the Met Gala sent us their wristshots so you can soak up these AAA US fake watches in their full glory. See the list of exclusive close-ups below.

Barry Keoghan wears trifecta of Omega Replica Watches

Barry Keoghan and stylist Ilaria Urbinati took inspiration from the Garden of Time dress code and leaned into a Mad Hatter-style outfit. Lucky for us, because it resulted in three high quality replica Omega watches. “The most special is that pocket watch,” Urbinati says. “A very fine and rare stainless ‘Staybrite’ steel dress pocket watch, with two-tone dial, produced in the early ’30s.”

Sebastian Stan wears Cartier Crash Fake Watches

Stan, styled by Michael Fisher, wears one of the hottest perfect copy watches in the world in the Cartier Crash. This is a platinum version from 1993. The actor is very much channelling his inner Neo here, but someone forgot to tell him his Crash was upside down.

Kieran Culkin wears Replica IWC Portugieser Automatic 40 Watches

Culkin is a longtime fan of IWC and the actor wore one of the brand’s new cheap super clone IWC Portugieser watches. From a choice of four colours, he went for the soothing “Horizon” blue for the event. Those rings nearly steal the show – the Succession boys sure do know how to accessorise.

Jonathan Bailey wears Fake Omega De Ville Tresor Watches

Bailey is wearing Omega’s sublimely simple De Ville. This is three-hand top replica watches with all the fixings: a white-gold case and diamonds set along the bezel.

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