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Well, here we are folks. We’re rapidly approaching the year’s biggest trade show – Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022. Our team of editors will be headed to Switzerland over the next few days, and we’re prepared to bring you all the latest and greatest news from the AAA replica watches world’s most important companies and individuals. But before we jet off to Geneva to cover the new stuff, we want to take a moment to highlight all the great 1:1 US fake watches we’ve already seen released this year.

And what better way to do that than a good ol’ fashioned ranking?

That’s right, I dug deep into the nooks and crannies of data analytics to determine which new high quality replica watches reached the most readers and community members. And I’m not talking about comments, time on site, bounce rate, or any other sort of analytical brouhaha – I’m strictly speaking about eyeballs.

So, let’s see which cheap copy watches you’ve cared about the most?

While the names on the list might not surprise you – Omega, Grand Seiko, TAG Heuer, and Audemars Piguet make up a solid chunk of it – the order they appear in just might. For instance, I was a bit dumbfounded when I realized that a fairly straightforward dial swap in the Omega Aqua Terra line would warrant more pageviews than the first new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo in 22 years – but what do I know?

What I did realize in this exercise is just how strong the start of 2022 has been from a sheer product perspective. While our team is returning to Switzerland for the first big trade show of the year, not every brand feels like it’s necessary to release their best products of the year at a single time. That’s how we get incredible new replica watches for sale like the Grand Seiko Spring Drive SLGA009 and the Zenith Defy Skyline on our desks in January and February, rather than March, April, or even later in the calendar.

I also don’t think you can deny that these 10 most-viewed stories are aligned with some of the very best online fake watches we’ve seen so far this year. A new Royal Oak Jumbo, a depth-defying Planet Ocean, and a sub-$3,000 hit from TAG Heuer all combine for an incredibly impressive start to 2022.

Just remember: This isn’t a break-down of every new watch we’ve seen – for that, I’ll send you right here – this is just a ranking of our most-viewed posts of 2022, to date.

Of course, by this time next week, it’s likely that this entire list will have changed; more and more companies will be dropping hot new top super clone watches, the first of the year for many of them. But for now, this is what we’ve got.

So go ahead, pour that cup of coffee, and take a moment this Saturday to peruse 2022’s most popular new watch releases, below.

Introducing: We’re Ready To Talk About The Replica Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Watches

The biggest watch story of the year came this past week, with the announcement of the MoonSwatch – a collaboration between Swiss watch industry behemoths Swatch and Omega. Eleven Swiss movements replica watches make up the collection at launch, which will go on sale at certain Swatch boutiques later today. Are you in line to snag one for yourself? Let us know in the comments!

A New Generation Of The Omega Speedmaster ’57 Fake Watches, With A Manual Movement And A 40.5mm Case

Our second most-viewed article featuring a new 2022 watch release is the updated wholesale fake Omega Speedmaster ’57 watches. I don’t think there’s much to argue with here – after all, it’s the smallest Master Chronometer-certified Speedmaster yet. That’s something worth celebrating in my book.

Omega Adds Colorful New Dials To The Under-40mm Aqua Terra Collection Replica Watches

Yet another Omega! Y’all had serious feelings on this story. Omega developed a new dial coloration technique utilizing either PVD or CVD, depending on the color option, and dropped a whole suite of new color alternatives in the Aqua Terra, the brand’s go-to option for everyday wear. I’ve yet to see any of these in person, but I can’t stop looking at the Terracotta dial, myself.

The Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Reference 16202 Jumbo Watches

It’s Ben! And a new Royal Oak! But it’s not just any RO – it’s the new-generation Jumbo, ref. 16202, which replaces the iconic 22-year-old ref. 15202 at the top of waitlist for countless collectors. Ben covers all the details in his report.

A Sleeper Hit In The Making: The Newly Minimalist 37mm AP Royal Oak

New Royal Oak Day was something else, huh? We published eight luxury Audemars Piguet replica watches stories that day, covering the entire new lineup, from top to bottom. (Toward the end, Jack was getting a little punchy.) Sliding into second place after the new 16202 was Danny’s coverage of the new Royal Oak 15550 family, aka the mid-size Royal Oak, with a 37mm diameter. It hits the sweet spot.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Replica Watches In Titanium And ‘O-MEGASTEEL’

I honestly expected the news of the first production versions of perfect Omega fake watches’ high-tech, deep-diving Planet Ocean Ultra Deep to demolish the new Speedmaster ’57 and Aqua Terra models in pageviews, given they were released the same day. I’m still a bit surprised that’s not what happened. Maybe I overestimated the amount of people interested in diving 6,000 (!) meters underwater. All kidding aside, this is some serious heavy-duty watchmaking on Omega’s part – if you haven’t taken a closer look yet, now’s your chance.

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