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Ah, the delicate art of product placement. A can of Pepsi here, a brand new Chevrolet there. But best replica watches in movies? They actually have a deeper and more substantial history than nearly any other item in cinema: as keen-eyed observers of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, out this week, will attest. In that film, Benedict Cumberbatch’s engraved Jaeger-LeCoultre plays a pivotal role in Sam Raimi’s freewheeling story.

Indeed, rather than being a distraction, AAA luxury fake watches have become deeply intertwined with many films in which they appear, used as storytelling devices that are variously pronounced, subtle and – in the case of something like Pulp Fiction – very, very funny.

From the best timepiece in the Wolf of Wall Street to a Seiko dreamt up by the world’s most legendary car designer, these are the most interesting and fun high quality US replica watches in movie history.

Yellow-gold Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches (Wolf of Wall Street, 2013)

While the show might have been rightfully stolen by Leo’s captivating 180 minute-long tour de force of blowhard and blow-fuelled American excess, hubris and avarice, its Jonah Hill’s Donnie Azoff, Jordan Belfort’s buck-toothed and equally obnoxious righthand man, who has the best copy watches for sale in the Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, Jordan’s gold-plated tag is more than nice, but that Yellow-gold Swiss movements replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches with a black face is a picture of slick finance bro aspiration, a shining symbol that Jordan and his boys have ‘made it’, especially when paired with a pale pink shirt, purple braces and bottom of the barrel morals, glinting mischievously as he cuts dodgy deals and orchestrates members of staff being held over balconies for holding illicit parties in his boss’s penthouse. Also, you could pick one up for a few grand in the 80s. Those truly were the days.

Fake Tag Heuer Monaco Watches (Le Mans, 1971)

You know the picture, the one of McQueen as the racer Michael Delany, wearing a white fire-retardant driving suit, an American flag on the left arm and prominent ‘Chronograph Heuer’ in red lettering on the right shoulder. The story goes that McQueen was originally tempted by a perfect Omega Speedmaster super clone watches, before he settled on the now iconic square-faced, waterproof chrono due to the Heuer branding on his character’s suit. It turned out to be a prudent choice, both for McQueen and Tag Heuer, with the Swiss made replica watches becoming one of its signature designs and a film prop legend.

While there’s not a ton of the top online fake Tag Heuer Monaco watches in the film itself, legend has it that McQueen – who did all of his own stunts – had it on his wrist as he drove a Porsche 917 at speeds of over 200mph down the Mulsanne straight on the final day of filming. Oh, and the original, which was gifted to McQueen’s mechanic after filming wrapped, sold at auction for £1.61m in 2020. Not bad.

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