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Fair warning: massive Barbie spoilers ahead!

In the Barbie movie, our titular doll and her boy toy Ken leave Barbie Land to embark on a pivotal adventure in the real world. In the hallowed grounds of Century City, Ken learns several important lessons about patriarchy, the utility of horses, the delight of a couple beer brewskis, and the importance of telling time. The last will be most important for our purposes today. Ken applies that learning by embracing the rarely seen best replica watches hat trick with three vintage Tag Heuers.

The movie turns when Ken beats Barbie back to Barbie Land and poisons the idyllic world with patriarchy. He converts Barbie’s Dreamhouse into the Mojo Dojo Casa House (redundant but “sounds cool”), pins up images of horses everywhere, and starts dressing like Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Along with a pair of dark sunglasses, leather gloves, and a fur coat, Ken straps on three US AAA fake watches at once. (If double-wristing is associated with General Norman Schwarzkopf, I submit that triple-wristinge should be known as Buzzin’, in honor of astronaut Buzz Aldrin.)

The why: This moment is brought to you by an a-ha moment Ken has in the real world when a woman asks him for the time. He’s amazed that anyone would respect him enough to answer such an important query and proudly recounts this interaction to a slack-jawed group of Kens back in Barbie Land. And so, since knowing the time is an indicator of great importance, Ken decides to wear as many high quality replica watches as possible to communicate his newfound grandeur.

Gosling explains the three-watch rule in his recent 10 Essentials video with GQ. “Generally the luxury copy watches is a symbol that you’re busy and you have important things to do and cool places to be,” he says. “When you’re a Ken, you have none of those things. So it’s even more important for you to appear that you do. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Coco Chanel rule: before you leave the house, you take one thing off. The Ken Rule is you put three things on.”

Funnily enough, this is a philosophy Gosling has held since before he ever dyed his hair blonde for Ken. “I thought they sort of symbolized having important things to do and people to see,” the actor said when I chatted with him about cheap replica watches back in 2021. “Just generally having a life, which I wanted to have. I wanted to have one of those.” Ken really was the role Gosling was born to play.

The what: Gosling, a Tag Heuer ambassador, wears three excellent vintage timepieces from the brand in the movie. They are…

An all-gold Carrera (reference 1158 CHN)—my favorite of the bunch. There is no shortage of gold here: the gold case is strapped to the wrist using an 18-carat gold Milanese bracelet. Jack Heuer, the former CEO of the brand and grandson of its founder, consistently names this Swiss made TAG Heuer fake watches as his all-time favorite.

Another all-gold Carrera (reference 110.515). While this match doesn’t have an all-gold bracelet, it makes up forthat with its dial. Look closely and you’ll see a wavy engraved pattern known as Côte de Genève.

A third Carrera (reference 2448 NT), which was released not long after the original Carrera debuted in the early ‘60s. This last replica watches for sale is more modest in its use of gold, but the case is still plated with the showy material.

In his GQ video, Gosling holds up three super clone watches wholesale and explains what time each one is set to.. The first is for real-world time, he says, and the second is for Barbie Land time. “And then I have this one because it tracks the moon’s phases. You can keep track of the morning waves,” he says. Ken doesn’t wear a watch with a moonphase in Barbie, but maybe that’s because he’s graduated beyond his job of “beach” at that point.

The how: It would have been easy for Gosling to just grab a few modern Tag Heuer fake watches for men and call it a day. But read anything about Barbie and you’ll quickly discover how carefully considered every detail was. The watches were no different. “Gosling handpicked three gold timepieces to accentuate his bold persona,” Tag Heuer said in a press release. The time period these watches came out of also seem to be a good match for his Rocky imitation. Rocky debuted in the mid-’70s, roughly around when two out of these three replica watches shop were released.

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