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If you read this article shortly after publication, you are probably missing the Monaco Grand Prix. Or you are multi-tasking, which I would not recommend; eyes on the road! Either way, TAG Heuer is releasing a new version of its perfect US replica TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph watches in celebration of the Monaco race.

Join me for a first look at this new model from TAG Heuer, dressed in black and blue with yellow accents.

A new outfit for the TAG Heuer Monaco

Under the hood, this is the same high quality fake watches as the TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Automatic ref. CBL2111.FC6453. It shares the 39mm case and caliber Heuer 02 (TH20-00). The differences may be primarily aesthetic, but they are far-reaching ones indeed.

For starters, the case is now Grade 2 titanium, which receives a sandblasted finish and then a coating of black DLC. Reportedly, it has a 15.2mm thickness and a 47.4mm lug-to-lug length. The water resistance rating is still an ample 100 meters, and the crystals up top and in the case back are still sapphire.

However, this best replica watches offers a skeletonized dial. Like the case, it is sandblasted but then lacquered blue. It allows a view of the TH20-00 movement underneath and adds a more modern, technical aesthetic. Then, TAG Heuer finishes off the look with a yellow handset for the chronograph readout and some yellow accents on the backside. Lastly, this new version of the Monaco comes on a blue calfskin and rubber strap with a black-coated titanium folding clasp.

Initial impressions of the TAG Heuer Monaco in black and blue

The press release we received for this top copy watches left me a little underwhelmed. It describes how the blue was chosen as a nod to the Mediterranean coast. Additionally, the yellow accents represent sparks flying from Formula 1 cars. Now, most brands do this, so I am perhaps unjustly singling out TH here, but come on…really? It is okay just to pick colors because they look nice. There’s no need to come up with far-fetched justifications. To me, this signals that brands are grasping for straws to find relevance, and that’s not good. I believe a watch should stand on its own without needing to lean on fabricated context. Let me know in the comments if you agree or if I’m overreacting.

That said, I do like the color combination here. I have a soft spot for the pairing of black and blue. There is a slight disharmony about it that speaks to me. Additionally, the yellow accents work well to liven up this 2024 wholesale replica TAG Heuer Monaco watches’ otherwise quite moody vibe. Honestly, it didn’t need any justification.

I am less enthusiastic about the skeletonized dial. Most calibers’ top sides aren’t designed to be on display, negating the impact of skeletonization. Unless there’s a sufficiently open-worked movement underneath, I see little use for an open dial. In this case, it does add a more technical, futuristic look. However, like the story-telling around the color scheme, it feels a tad contrived.

Pricing and availability

The new TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph super clone watches for men in black-coated titanium is available immediately. It is priced at CHF 11,000, which is almost one and a half times as much as the classic steel model. I reckon watch enthusiasts will lean toward the classic offering. However, TAG Heuer uses these thematic editions to speak to a different audience, as Lex described Tudor doing as well. In this sense, my opinions are moot as I am not the target audience.

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