Sun. May 26th, 2024

There’s never been more interest in luxury US replica watches than there is right now in 2022.

Maybe it’s got to do with the global ascendancy of hip-hop – rappers love talking about Hublot and Rolex, don’tcha know. Maybe it’s because the economy is in the toilet and people are interested in alternative asset classes. Maybe it’s because Gen Z and millennials are more switched-on to fashion and luxury than previous generations, or because of China’s growing wealth.

Yet at the same time, smart 1:1 top fake watches are increasingly becoming the status symbol of choice for many young people and professionals… And, paradoxically, fewer people actually wear Swiss movements replica watches than ever before, as we all just use our mobile phones to tell the time.

So why care about copy watches wholesale shop, especially expensive ones? Millionaire entrepreneur and business coach Brad Lea explained during an episode of his podcast, Dropping Bombs, which he shared on social media late last week.

Brad explains that even if you’re not impressed by high-end replica watches online or feel the need to wear one, “believe it or not, people do care.”

He used his friend, who owns US$300,000 high quality fake Patek Philippe Nautilus watches as an example: “when you have a watch of that magnitude on your wrist, and the right people know what that is, it instantly puts you in a credibility situation or a conversation position like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Same thing with cars, same thing with neighbourhoods, same thing with country clubs. You’re going to get people talking.”

It’s a pretty good piece of advice, actually. Complementing someone’s watch is a great icebreaker in a business or social context: even if you don’t wear or care about expensive best super clone watches, it behoves you to learn a bit about them… Of course, it’s also a reason why you should consider wearing one yourself.

Our take? Perfect replica watches aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Wear and talk about watches because you like them, not because you feel obliged to. That said, we’d be lying if we didn’t enjoy the ego-boost having someone compliment your watch gives you. Just putting that out there.

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