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Although the UK Corum replica watches don’t have a long history, they develop very rapidly. Since the foundation of Admiral’s Cup series in 1960, they have been the classic sporty watches of Corum.

Men’s Black Corum Admiral’s Cup 48MM Replica WatchesThe copy watches automatic and mechanical watches for men, and the size is much large with 48 mm case, which are suitable for people who have large wrists. Besides, the shape adopts the dodecagonal design of “Admiral Cup” series, and the case is made of titanium alloy. Especially, the dial is decorated with twelve nautical flags patterns, and the back is cared with Admiral Cup relief, which make the copy watches fashionable with sporty style and hale with male when matched with the black color.

Men’s Black Corum Admiral’s Cup 48MM Fake WatchesIn addition, the red and white hands are very conspicuous on the black dial, and the replica Corum Admiral’s Cup watches for men are matched with black rubber strap, making the copy watches present own unique aesthetic feeling with bright elements. Because the replica watches are especially designed for yachting race, the water resistance is very important. With the 100 meters’ waterproofness, the copy watches can well meet the demands of sailing, and the functions are very excellent.

Men’s Black Corum Admiral’s Cup 48MM Replica WatchesIn addition to the unique appearance, the function is also very perfect. The best replica watches don’t possess many unique function but only a simple chronograph function that is shown by 30-minutes chronograph dial at 3 o ‘clock, 8-hour chronograph dial at 9 o ‘clock and red central second hand. The chronograph function has good readability, and it can meet the chronograph requirements of sailing.

Due to the unique appearance and practical function, the special fake Corum Admiral’s Cup watches are very useful in many circumstances.

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