Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

With classic design, new Patek Philippe Complication copy watches adopt blue dials with central hands. Besides, the position of 6 o’clock is set with 30-minute counter, and with the help of the chronograph functions, wearers can obtain useful time.

Swiss Patek Philippe Complication Blue Dial Replica WatchesWith classic stripe hour markers, the top Patek Philippe fake watches are equipped with 24-hour day and night ring to show day in white and night in dark blue, and 24 time zone/ city ring on the outer edge of the dials to show 24 major cities around the world. Besides, the central dials are decorated with Guilloche patterns to form classic style. Especially, the operation of GMT function is very easy, so wearers only need to press the button at 10 o’clock to drive the time zone ring, hour hand and 24-hour scales. On the 30-minute counter, there are also second scales in white so that wearers can obtain time easily.

Swiss Patek Philippe Complication Blue Dial Fake WatchesEquipped with CH 28-520 HU self-winding movements with vertical clutches, practical replica watches can provide useful functions and excellent precision. In particular, with only 4.9 mm in thickness of movements, the thickness of the whole copy watches is within 13mm, which makes them highly praised by wearers. What’s more, created with white gold material and blue alligator straps, they are very popular in the watch field.

Swiss fake watches are worth owing because of attractive blue dials and powerful functions, which can fully meet different needs of people.

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