Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Bell & Ross is a professional watchmaking brand which is good at taking aviation equipment as inspiration. For a long time it has been good at drawing inspiration from the cockpit to create exquisite copy watches with quartz movements. However, sometimes, the brand will break through the inherent style to open a new journey of time and space.

Surprisingly, it is usually a woman watch leading the brand to break the limit and show a fresh inspiration. At present, Bell & Ross continues to enrich its starry sky series and add a new kind of heavenly watch. It is the BRS Novarosa inspired by the charming pink nebula created by supernova explosions in the vast universe. The watch has a total of three types which are very elegant. The three steel cases Bell & Ross fake watches adapt the smallest square watchcase of the BRS case. The introduction of precious elements on the design again interprets the clasical type and creates a watch that is loved by women.

Stunning pink dials will make people think of dust color when there is a supernova explosion. This color will further form pink aura and strong vision is gorgeous. These discount Bell & Ross Instruments replica watches can be described as incredible art treasures.

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