Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Referring to the death, different cultures have their unique definition. In China, death has always brought great sadness while in Europe, besides the bitterness, another complex feeling has also been endowed to the dead, such as the Dia de Muertos in Mexico. People welcome the “dead” to come back to their relatives with grand colors and parade, praising the greatness of life. While in the field of wristwatches, the dead and skull have always been the hot theme. Today’s model is the wristwatch exactly designed with the theme of dead and skull.

The integrated design of the dial embodies the high level of craftsmanship of Chopard.
Chopard Knockoff With Self-Winding Mechanical Movement

With the high level of watchmaking technology, the skull elements have combined with the wristwatches perfectly, such as the Chopard L.U.C fake watch with rose gold case. The timepiece features a black dial adorned with the pattern of sun and flower, presenting the pattern of “Calavera” skull, perfectly embodying the spirit of the “La Santa Muerte”. The bright color and happy atmosphere will let people forget the bitterness of death.

The extraordinary movement of this timepiece could provide a power reserve of about 9 days.
Ingenious Chopard L.U.C Replica Watch

Perpetual dial has been presented with the image of skull’s eyes, which have been designed as the flowers. The skull pattern on the dial of Chopard knockoff watch with black leather strap is not fearful at all.

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