Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Today we will have a look at two representative luxury watches appearing in the time of 1970s. These watches are quite different from modern models, which sport distinctive look of vintage style and can represent the features of the unique times.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

The free floating diamonds make the best copy Chopard more recognizable.
Diamonds Bezel Replica Chopard Happy Diamonds

Happy Diamonds launched in 1976 was innovative and unique. The highlight of this Chopard fake watch with gold bracelet is the free floating diamonds around the dial. It had won the Rose d’Or de Baden Baden in that year once it was released.

Piaget Polo

The gold Piaget fake watch is luxury and distinctive.
Luxury Piaget Polo Knockoff Watches

In the end of 1970s, Polo collection was launched, joining the trendy team of luxury and sporty watches. The timepiece is fully crafted by the precious gold. Piaget Polo knockoff watch with gold dial looks like a bracelet instead of a luxurious watch.

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